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Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces

Heavy steel shell

Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces

These furnaces combine the exceptional strength of a rugged steel shell with easy accessibility making them ideal for melting a wide range of metals.

Excellent durability

Due to our superior design and technological expertise, Inductotherm Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces are the most durable furnaces on the market today. They are more efficient, more productive, quieter and easier to maintain than competitive furnaces. Heavy steel shell furnaces are designed to be stronger than frame-based designs.

Exceptional performance

They are also significantly quieter, thanks to our solid steel shell’s sound-deadening characteristics. For installations requiring even quieter performance, sound-absorbent insulation can be added inside the shell. Large access panels on every Heavy Steel Shell Furnace are constructed from heavy steel to protect the coil during furnace operation.

Variety of options to suit your requirements

Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces can be used with our back-slagging feature, push-out lining systems, weigh frames, pit guards and more. They can be retrofitted with a variety of fume collectors and hoods. This includes our latest Vortex extraction hood that can help you comply with the strictest air pollution requirements, such as MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) standards. Inductotherm’s Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces are ideal for melting all metals, including silicon.

Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces are also available with an optional wide-bodied design which have a significantly larger bath diameter and furnace opening and can be ideal depending on your application. They offer additional benefits such as lower installation costs, lower scrap costs and better access to slag.

Tech Specs

Capacities 350 Kilograms to 100 Metric Tons [770 Pounds to 110 Short Tons]
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Standard Features Large Access Panels
Steel Shell Protection
Insulated Covers
Higher Freeboard
Ground Leak Detection
Magnetic Shunts
Optional Features Load Cells
Back-Tilting, Nose-Tilting and Pre-Tilting Systems
Integrated Fume Ring
Fume Collectors and Hoods
Safety Pit Guards
Weigh Frames
Push-Out Lining System
Mini-Heel® Furnace Coil
Additional Wide-Bodied Design Features Larger Bath Diameter
Enhanced Zinc Evaporation
Lower Stance
Shallow Pit Depth
Factory Tested Critical Components